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HOW "THE HOLLYBURN SPINNER" GOT ITS NAME (taken from scrapbook, May, 1949)
 "For the benefit of the uninformed and also for the records of our Club, it is felt a word or two of explanation concerning the motif behind the choice of the name for our Bulletin The Hollyburn Spinner, is in order," writes P.P. (1947) Douglas B Smith.
"As generally conceded, the Hollyburn Club has so far during its short life, more or less, distinguished itself by an Annual Fishing Derby (Doiby if you prefer) and intends to continue to hold bigger and better Derbies (Doibies) in the future.
"As the definition of the word "Spinner" may be construed as to be synonymous with a contrivance usually found among the kits of followers of Izaak Walton and the gyrations of our fraternal emblem, after much deliberation and sleeplessness, the idea finally jelled in my mind that our Bulletin should be aptly known as "The Hollyburn Spinner". Many and various other titles were tossed into the ring to run the gamut of our critical members who where anxious to be done, once and for all, with the controversial subject of choosing a name.
"Our worthy President, Art Coles, thereupon sportingly offered a flagon of the Best Procurable to the one who submitted a name which would satisfy, by this time, the unruly mob. So it was that our Bulletin shall henceforth be known as The Hollyburn Spinner."